5 of the most popular styles of umbrella

Umbrellas are necessary for keeping dry in a wet climate, but who knew there were so many to choose from? Here's a look at the different types of umbrellas available, which would be perfect to put your company’s branding onto, to promote your business. 

  1. Classic city/gentleman’s Umbrella: 
    Commonly made with fibreglass, wood or steel shafts and with Teflon coated storm proof fabric canopies to keep the rain off, and a classic crook style handle. These umbrellas are your everyday portable shelters from the rain. They can be manually expandable, or even automatic, with a single button open and close mechanism built in.
  1. Compact umbrellas: 
    These smaller umbrellas are lifesavers when it comes to sudden downpours. They comprise of more moving parts, which mean that the canopy collapses into itself, making it more compact and versatile. When folded, they can be small enough to keep in a handbag. Foldable umbrellas are easy to pack and store in carry-on bags etc when you go on a trip.
  1. Golf Umbrella:
    Golf umbrellas tend to be a much larger style of umbrella, and often have canopies of over one metre in diameter. They are commonly used to shield golfers and their equipment from the rain (hence their name). A lot of people tend to keep one of these handy in their car.
  1. Doorman Umbrellas:
    Doorman umbrellas are usually the largest of all the hand held styles of umbrella. Named after their original design purpose where hotel doormen carried them to welcome guests, these sturdy portable shelters usually come in larger sizes of around one and a half metres in diameter, which can fit up to four adults underneath its canopy. They will also often be made with Teflon coated material, making them far sturdier in stormy conditions.
  1. Children’s Umbrellas:
    Fun and practical, a child’s umbrella is often like a smaller version of the city/gentleman’s umbrella, which children love, as they enjoy emulating their parents. They are smaller in size, usually around 69cm in diameter, making them easy to hold, for even the smallest of hands. They can even come with glow in the dark strips built into their canopies providing an added safety feature when it is dark. 

Umbrellas are essential tools to have handy, which make them a perfect marketing tool for your business, so investing in some quality ones, branded with your company’s logo, that you can give out to staff and customers, not only helps them, but also provides free advertising for your company, and exposure to everyone who sees the umbrellas on the streets.