Whether you are using a budget golf umbrella or a high quality corporate umbrella which has been competitively priced, there are so many ways to use promotional umbrellas:

1)     Give a quality printed golf umbrella to your best clients/customers

2)     A printed promotional umbrella will be seen at outdoor events and may even end up on TV

3)     Let your customer service team give custom logo golf umbrellas to select accounts

4)     Folding umbrellas, also known as telescopic umbrellas are great giveaways at exhibitions because they are easy to carry

5)     Custom umbrellas can have the umbrella printing pantone matched to conform with your latest product launch

6)     A personalised golf umbrella could be given away at a function.

7)     Walking umbrellas are ideal for outdoor events along with branded parasols and branded outdoor umbrellas. Colour matching the panels will ensure corporate guidelines can be adhered to

8)     For cool brands you could sell custom printed umbrellas, branded golf umbrellas and individually personalise umbrellas from the umbrella store- which could be on your website or from your premises

9)     Umbrellas offer far higher customer satisfaction as a corporate gift than other promotional products

10)  Umbrella advertising using corporate umbrellas with logo, custom made umbrellas, printed umbrellas and printed parasols represents a fantastic brand awareness opportunity


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